My friend was a smoker

My friend died of cancer.

He was the one with whom I had taken the first puff of cigarette.It took me around 2 months to learn the art of smoking.It was fun at the beginning and it developed as an addiction gradually.

I was an anti social creature.I hardly opened up with anyone.When I felt comfortable with anyone,I opened up myself.And people with whom I opened up were like “God,I never thought you were also a man of humor.” He was one of them.I always had a deep desire within me to adjust myself in peer circles.Most of my friends were smokers.

As I started smoking , my friends circle increased dramatically.We always had to find a way to smoke,hide the odor in our mouth and keep the secret.We walked for minutes till we found a safe place to smoke and while walking we talked in between.As we released the smoke in the air we discussed about our problems,goals in life and some of the philosophies that fascinated us.

After two years of smoking,I decided to quit smoking.It took me around 3 months to do so.

His death was like a sudden wind struck for me.I was broken.

That night I bought a packet of cigarette.I kept it on my table.It was his favorite brand of cigarette.I went to the balcony and kept the cigarette there.

I tried to pull out one stick of cigarette.My heart started thumping loudly.

“No, donot move forward. Donot touch that shit again.” said my heart.

I moved backward.

His memories become more vivid . Our togetherness started dancing infront of my life like a climax in a movie scene.

“The smoke has bad odor.It affects your lungs but however it soothes your soul buddy.Some people are like cigarettes.They have bad odor,they affect you negatively.However, they relax your brain and soothe your soul as well.”

I could hear these words that he had imparted to me.

Hastily,I pulled out a cigarette and started smoking.I was relaxed.

“No.Buddy drop that shit.I was weak and I took cigarettes to escape.I was not strong enough to deal with my problems in a creative approach.Take the next path.” yelled his soul in the flames of the cigarette.

I immediately dropped the cigarette.

I took the bag of cigarette and crunched it ruthlessly.

“Go away bastard.You snatched my friend.” I yelled at the bag of cigarette and threw it away.




His Love Story


“His love story”
He never saw her naked
and making love was not a part of their love.
He was in the air when she grabbed his shoulders
And pointed at a fish saying it was cute.
He was a one man army
when she hold his hands.
The moment when they walked all the way,
ratnapark to tinkune and tinkune to airport,
was the longest outing they enjoyed.
He didn’t decorate himself
nor did she cared about makeups…
I think they dated in classrooms
and in the corridors of college.
She didn’t demand anything except few talks.
He had a deep desire to travel around the world.
She had a deep desire for a family.
Soon he started neglecting the girl,
he chatted with her once in three days or more.
He said freedom and dreams are his first priority.
He asked for a farewell then.
She had to stab her own heart and let him go.
She had to stab her own heart and let him fly.
He pleaded to forgive him.
The girl promised to forgive,if he reached his dreams.
The girl asked him to settle down if he liked a girl
and if he found what it takes to have a family.
She promised to forgive him,if he promised to be a good dad(if married)
And teach his children how to ride a bicycle.
She promised to forgive if he promised to give a piggy back ride to his children.
He said he hates marriage as his broken family scared him.
They flew together for some time
and then he cut off her wings.
With the blow of wind he flew away.
She stood bidding him a farewell.
He didn’t look back.
She loved him enough to let him go.
but she had his memories and pains that she gifted.
The memories and the pains didn’t flew away.
When love embraces you,it doesn’t embrace you completely.
When love leaves you,it doesn’t leaves you completely.

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